Flickr Woes – The Move to Smugmug


flickr-logoI’ve used Flickr since 2008 as a paid member. Always got on fine with it, even when they started their free 1Tb of data I continued to pay for the service.

However of late there appears to have been ‘trouble at mill’.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had issues uploading photos, using their web uploader. Time-outs and errors. The Camera Roll page has been taking ages to load beyond the first screen full of images. Yesterday I uploaded a couple of photos and was trying to add them to an existing album, one that I use a lot, the system couldn’t find it.

These performance issues have been documented in the Flickr forums as having been present for a year, support is supposed to have acknowledged the problems and been working to come up with a fix – nothing yet. A number of users are attributing the issues to ‘free accounts’ swamping the servers – after all 1Tb of free space is pretty good.

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Chris Bolton PRO says:

Similar issues here. Used to be an excellent service. Taking ages for Camera Roll to load. New issue this afternoon, trying to add photos to albums and the system not finding the albums. The last few days I have been having serious issues uploading photos, errors and time-outs. 32Mbps download and 4Mbps upload – not the fastest speeds in the world but these are my regular speeds.

As a paid user (not wishing to sound like I’m throwing a strop), I expect better service than the ‘free’ option. As Flickr is looking to hike its prices in the next couple of years, I’m now looking elsewhere.



SmugMug Logo (Dark)Enter SmugMug. I’ve used the service before, and have always been very impressed. I stuck with Flickr in the past because it served my needs, but not any more.